Lot numbering

It’s important to your customers that as few mistakes as possible are made in logistic and purchasing processes.

Lot numbering

By making it clear which lot on the auction trolley your product belongs to, fewer mistakes are made and your product is delivered more quickly to the customer. That's why lot numbering was developed. Lot numbering is mandatory for supplying plants to Aalsmeer since February 2015.

Lot numbering applies to trolleys that contain more than one lot. It means at least each outer container from the second lot onwards must display lot information. Lot numbers can be easily displayed on container labels (grower's cards). These grower's cards have the added advantage that they highlight your company's name, which may lead to repeat orders.

For products delivered in water, all outer containers on a trolley must be numbered, i.e. all four sides (see drawing). For boxed products, you should number all containers on the trolley.

What should the lot numbers look like?

They must be:

  • legible, in a contrasting colour so the information can be seen clearly
  • at least 1.5 cm high
  • made with a felt tip pen, ink stamp or sticker: a ballpoint is insufficient
  • placed on a blank background and not over your company details

If the label holder of the container is absent or unusable (dirty), you do not need to label the container.

How do you apply the lot numbering?

The lot numbering differs according to the type of packaging, the supply regulations can be found here (in Dutch).

Multi-use buckets
You can put the lot numbering:

  • On your grower's card, placed in the label holder
  • On your (pre-printed) sleeve, using a Post-It note or a sticker

Place stickers in the space provided: so not on the label holder.

Multi-use boxes
You can put the lot numbering:
On the grower's card placeholder "Card": on the short side for container code 519 or the long side for container codes 525 and 526.

Single-use boxes
You can put the lot numbering:
In the lot number compartment on the box or on your container label, attached to the box.

What happens if the lot number is absent?

If your containers on the trolley, from the second lot onwards, are not (fully or correctly) numbered, we will number them for you and charge a correction fee per trolley. We will notify you by email if that is the case.

Every day we check whether the lot numbers are present. If they are missing or not correctly attached, then we number it. This allows products with the correct lot numbering to enter the distribution process, greatly reducing the risk of errors.

Pre-printed stickers

Special pre-printed stickers have been created. You can buy these via: