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Connect logistics

Supply all your products in one go

With Connect Logistics you supply (or to deliver) all your products to Royal FloraHolland in one go. We make sure that your customers at our hubs receive your products quickly and in good condition. So you save time and money.

What is Connect Logistics?

When you supply your trade, it is nice if you only have to dock once, no matter which channel you want to use to sell your products. With Connect Logistics, you choose when to supply your trade and you can supply both your direct trade and clock trade* in one go. Royal FloraHolland then ensures that your products are traded via the auction clock or delivered to your customer within one hour**. We can also (un)refrigerate your products when you supply outside opening hours. Then we bring them to your customer the next working day.

* Deliver flowers only cooled from 13:00 onwards due to the cold chain.

**When delivered within opening hours.


  • Supply all your products at once
  • One docking moment
  • Supply both direct trade and clock trade at one time
  • All your direct trade is supplied (or to deliver) by Royal FloraHolland to your customers within one hour.
  • Your out-of-hours supply will reach your customer by 8 a.m. the next business day.
  • Track & Trace so you know exactly where your products are.
  • Temporary storage at Connect Logistics is always under the right conditions so that quality is guaranteed.
  • Available 24 hours a day during weekdays.
  • Direct point of contact in the Connect Logistics department (by hub).

How does it work?

Is your customer located at one of our hubs? Then you can have your products or cargo carriers delivered to Connect Logistics at this hub. We then make sure that all your products get to the right customer.

If you supply your products during opening hours, we can deliver them to your customer within one hour after supplying them.

If you deliver your products after opening hours, we will store them under the right conditions. The next working day we deliver the products to your customer early (before opening hours).

Your products can be followed from the moment you deliver them to us via Track & Trace. Handy for you and your customer.
Create the correct delivery bill in Floriday and add it to your load carriers. We do the rest. Deliver your trade with the correct waybill (connect/direct flows) to the dock.

  1. Go to Floriday
  2. Create the supply letter. Make sure you select "LOG."
  3. Attach this supply letter to the load carrier.
  4. Bring your load carriers to the desired hub and Connect Logistics' central supply docks.
  5. We will do the rest.

Aandock locations

Supply through Connect Logistics works the same at all hubs: easy and fast.

- Aalsmeer: direct and auction clock delivery possible
- Rijnsburg: direct and auction clock delivery possible
- Naaldwijk: at the Naaldwijk hub you can supply your products at two locations.
  1. Phase G: if you deliver here you can combine direct and clock delivery with Logistics Means Retrieval.
  2. Venus: direct and auction clock delivery possible. If you supply at Venus (formerly Floriculture Direct), a lower rate applies for everything you supply directly for customers based at the Venus location. For other supplies for customers at the Naaldwijk location, the normal rate applies.

Check the current opening hours.


View current costs for the Connect Logistics service and additional services.

What else can we offer you?

To make Connect Logistics the best possible fit with your business processes, we also bid for additional services. For example, you can store your supply with us outside opening hours under the right conditions. You can always follow your products with Track & Trace. You can supply products sold to multiple customers on one (auction) trolley, after which we split it for you. Or we can seal carts before transporting them to your customers.

Wondering what possibilities fit your business processes?