Royal FloraHolland | General conditions

General conditions

The service of Royal FloraHolland shall be governed by Dutch law. At the services of Royal FloraHolland the Auction Regulations.

Market place

“Please note: since August 10, 2023, the text below replaces Article 11.2 of the Auction Regulations:

Art. 11.2
In the offer information referred to in Article 8 of the Auction Regulation, the Seller shall indicate the country of origin of the products offered by him by specifying the designated country code. Guidelines for when to use which country code are provided in the Regulations on the Designation of Origin for Floricultural Products. This Regulation is an elaboration of this article and forms a part of this article. RFH aims to promote compliance with government guidelines, including plant passports, as much as possible.”


Additional terms and conditions services


The above mentioned leave intact that for other facilities additional or varying conditions may apply.