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Growing greener together

For Royal FloraHolland, sustainability is an important foundation. We are actively committed to making our cooperative more sustainable. We want to play a leading role in this. We also encourage more sustainability among our growers and in the floriculture chain in general. Consumers demand more transparency in the chain and legislation imposes more and more requirements, making demonstrable transparency on sustainability essential. A large proportion of our growers and buyers see that growing and trading must be done differently.

Management column
Growing greener together with you

Maarten Bankí, manager Sustainable Development & Quality explains what Royal FloraHolland understands by sustainability and how you can see that reflected in what we do.

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Our vision on the future

We believe in a sustainable and future-proof Royal FloraHolland as part of society. This has an impact on our overall business operations. We want to add value through our international B2B platform and from a healthy cooperative. Through our services, we ensure that we also sustainably deliver on our customer promises: easy trade, appropriate logistics and smart business. We are also committed to stimulating and facilitating sustainability in the chain.

Sustainable ambition

Growing greener together, that is our sustainable ambition. We fulfil this with 3 pillars:
  • Reliable and transparent floriculture marketplace: we want to be a safe and transparent platform.
  • Liveable planet: we want to minimise our impact on the environment.
  • Enthusiastic and energetic people: we want to offer people a healthy and safe workplace and environment, where people come into their own, so that we achieve more together.

Sustainable for tomorrow

Our industry faces major sustainability challenges and opportunities. From the perspective of consumers, society and legislation. We at Royal FloraHolland are actively committed to making a difference in the areas of the environment, people and organisation. Royal FloraHolland wants to stimulate and facilitate growers and buyers in the sustainability transition. We ourselves want to lead by example. We are convinced that sustainability in Floriculture is necessary to keep the world liveable for future generations. That is why we are fully committed to making Royal FloraHolland more sustainable [as an association with a company] and working together with sector partners which ultimately contributes to the reputation of the sector as a whole.

Reliable and transparent floriculture marketplace

Know your business!

Betrouwbare transparante sierteeltmarktplaats

Liveable planet

Green is more than just beautiful

Leefbare planeet

Enthusiastic and energetic people

Together we achieve more

Bevogen vitale mensen

Annual report 2022: value creation model and Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive

In the 2022 annual report, we focus on Royal FloraHolland's results and demonstrate how we add value to society. We are using the value creation model for the first time this year. This year, we have also taken an important first step towards reporting in accordance with the requirements of the Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD). In doing so, we are anticipating the requirement to do so from the 2025 annual report onwards. This directive requires companies to report on their impact on mankind and the environment. Royal FloraHolland embraces sustainability in all its facets and will gradually improve its CSRD reporting in the coming years.

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