Business strategy
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Business strategy

We believe in a sustainable and future-proof sector that grows with the times. Together with growers and buyers, we are building the largest international B2B platform within the floriculture sector.

Leading floriculture platform

To provide faster, more predictable and more reliable solutions and services that better meet the needs and wishes of growers and buyers, we are developing the Royal FloraHolland platform. With the digital platform Floriday, where customers can find services related to transactions (auction clock, auction presales, day trade, futures trade), as well as agreements on logistics means, logistics handling and financial settlement. Additionally, the logistics platform, where customers can rely on high delivery reliability and where the optimal handling of physical flows occurs: for clock auction and direct day trade and a combination of the two. Thus, we offer our customers end-to-end solutions for everyone from grower to buyer/exporter.

In this way, we can optimally move towards international growth, uniting more supply and demand so that we can work digitally, efficiently and sustainably in the chain, and therefore realise our three customer promises: simplified dealmaking, customised logistics and smart business step by step.

Building the largest international B2B platform together step-by-step

To remain the leading floriculture platform, we are committed to three customer promises:
  1. Simplified dealmaking
  2. Customised logistics
  3. Smart business
In the coming years, we will work together to make a difference with these three promises. We won’t make any major, sudden changes; we will work step by step based on our business strategy. And we are moving in the right direction. It is also important that we keep an eye on costs and that we take the right action with the right people. This includes investing in health and safety on our digital platform and on our logistics platform so that collaborating and trading is sustainable, enjoyable and reliable. Therein lies the basis of our success.
Simplified dealmaking

We bring supply and demand together digitally and physically at our large international floriculture marketplace. In this way, we continuously invest in improving and innovating our trading opportunities so that we can trade easily and grow together. We want to offer different ways of trading with each other – the auction clock, auction presales, direct trade or direct bidding – and continuously improve these options.

Customised logistics

We provide logistics services that keep pace with you. Whether it’s receiving, sorting, arranging or distributing flowers and plants from auction to box, from grower to hub, or directly to the buyer, we innovate to provide customers with solutions that evolve with their business processes, delivered at the agreed time and location. Our goal: to coordinate logistics flows in a smarter and more customer-oriented way, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Smart business

Doing business in floriculture means combining many different qualities and skills. This requires time and attention, in addition to knowledge about your product and various topics and processes such as finance, market developments, business space and supervising employees. That is why we help growers and buyers with a wide range of services related to payment, collective purchasing, logistics solutions, advisory services and commercial real estate.

Cooperative strategy

Connect to grow

Our strategy integrates our cooperative strategy (of the association) with the business strategy, consolidating our goals and ambition of a dual-pronged Royal FloraHolland platform: a digital platform, Floriday, and a logistics platform, which closely links logistics, financial and commercial real estate services. We are committed to making our cooperative more sustainable and aim to lead in this transition.
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Together with you

Royal FloraHolland can only achieve its ambition to be the premier international floriculture platform with your support – whether you’re a member, grower, buyer and employee. Through our 'Together with you' campaign, we share personal stories that illustrate the steps we are taking to create a sustainable and future-proof platform.