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Moving forward together

Royal FloraHolland can only fulfil its ambition to be the international floriculture platform of the future together with you – member, grower, buyer and employee. With the 'Together with You’ (Samen met jou) campaign, we show how we are on the road to achieving that goal through personal stories.

The world is changing at lightning speed. And Royal FloraHolland is changing in line with that. We are doing that together with our (member) growers, buyers and employees. In this way, we ensure the cooperative remains strong and we continue to be a leading floriculture marketplace, where we link supply and demand, and strive for the best possible prices at the lowest possible costs. With our three customer promises, we are creating opportunities for long-term success. Based on our sustainable ambition 'Growing greener together', we are making the cooperative more sustainable. We are also encouraging that among buyers, growers and in the floriculture chain in general. This is reflected in our services:

Together with you simplified dealmaking

Trade daily with our reliable buying and selling methods on Floriday, the international digital floriculture platform. We offer you the widest and deepest assortment of flowers and plants in the world.

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Together with you customised logistics

Royal FloraHolland offers logistics that move with you. You decide how you sell your flowers or plants. Arrange logistics fulfillment easily with our comprehensive logistics solutions that align seamlessly with your business.

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Together with you smart business

We offer growers and buyers various services and advice in payment security, selling your flowers or plants, and business premises at our hubs. That way, we help you do smart and secure business as possible.

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Steps towards the future

Together with you, we will fulfil our ambitions and take the necessary steps towards the future. Through stories, we will take you through the steps we are taking on our way to a future-proof and sustainable Royal FloraHolland platform. In this way, we are increasingly shaping our shared future. We would therefore love to hear what your ambitions are and how we can help you move forward!

In the 'Together with you' series, you can read personal stories from our growers, buyers and employees; stories in which they tell about their ambitions, desires and the challenges they face in the process. In the personal stories, you can also read how they are working with us to fulfil their ambitions. Connect to grow.


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Growing greener together with Edwin en Karin

Every year, VDE Plant takes steps to become more sustainable. VDE is transparent about what it took to grow their indoor plants. According to Edwin, this is important for security of supply to the European market and thus the company's right to exist and his children's future. Curious about what VDE Plant has already done to become more sustainable?

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Edwin en Karin

"The floriculture sector shows time and again to be innovative" - Edwin, VDE Plant

At VDE Plant, the footprint of products is transparent to exporters. They can thus see exactly how much gas and what materials were needed to grow the product.

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Edwin van Eijk

"Making our company more sustainable is something I do mainly for my children" - Edwin, VDE Plant

Sustainability on the one hand because the market demands it, but mainly for posterity. Because surely you want the planet to still look livable in 100 years.

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Customised logistics


Optimising the logistics process together with Johan

Johan van Barneveldt, managing director of Agora Group, believes that good cooperation with Royal FloraHolland is important in order to deliver to customers in a timely fashion. And there’s still work to be done in that regard, as delivering on time and aligning processes also create challenges. Curious about Johan's story?

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Floris Holland

"You can only be a winning team together" — Johan, Agora Group

At Agora, we are actually completely dependent on Royal FloraHolland. Customers expect timely delivery from us. We talk to Johan van Barneveldt about appropriate logistics.

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Working together towards a smarter, customer-oriented supply chain

With today's challenges, we understand better than anyone that logistics must be flexible, efficient and reliable. Logistics connect the entire supply chain, from grower to buyers. As a spider in the web, Royal FloraHolland sees opportunities to organise that supply chain together with logistics partners, growers & buyers in a smarter and more customer-oriented way.

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Smart business

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Digitising further together with Alex

Plant nursery Piet Vijverberg in Monster has always been busy automating and digitising its production and processes. Alex provide an insight into the day-to-day practice and show how digitisation makes life easier.

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"Digitisation is a hot topic and very much needed within the company." — Alex Duindam, Piet Vijverberg nursery

One grower who has a long-standing commitment to digital improvement in trade is the nursery Piet Vijverberg. We talk to Alex Duindam about the recent experiences with digitisation and about Floriday.

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