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Become a customer

As a customer in the floriculture industry, you are always looking for the best supply at the right price.

Every day, more than 50 million flowers and plants are sold via our international marketplaces at Royal FloraHolland. You will not find an assortment as complete as ours anywhere else!

What you get as a customer

  • You can easily purchase in one place via our auction clocks or via our digital marketplace from around 6,000 growers.
  • We deliver your purchased flowers and plants to one of Royal FloraHolland's marketplaces.
  • You gain immediate insight into all of your transactions via our online services.
  • You will have access to the latest knowledge about assortments, trends, sales figures and market developments.

If you wish to purchase via Royal FloraHolland, you have two options:

  1. If you use the auction clock, there is a minimum turnover expectation of €1,000* per week (€50,000 annually). Read more about the auction here.
    * When the turnover expectation lies between € 50,000 and 250,000 per year, the auction clock at our location in Eelde may only be used for purchasing. When purchasing at the auctionclocks of Naaldwijk, Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg, a minimum turnover expectation of €5,000 per week is needed. We will be happy to provide you with further information.
  2. Via Direct trade, you buy your products directly from our growers. For Direct trade there is a minimum turnover expectation of at least €5,000 per week (€250,000 per year). More information about Direct trade can be found here.

We maintain a weekly turnover indication because your purchasing limit at Royal FloraHolland is calculated on a daily basis. This means that you will have a daily limit for your auction purchased and/or your direct trade purchases. The security that you entrust to us must be adequate for this daily purchasing limit. We can provide more information during a personal meeting.

Payment options

There are several ways to pay for flowers or plants bought at auction, in auction presales or through direct trade. You can:
  • Buy on account and pay with a SEPA B2B or SWIFT direct debit authorisation. Collateral such as a deposit or bank guarantee must be provided.
  • Or prepay using an eWallet, a digital wallet into which you deposit credit in advance. Make sure you always have enough credit, otherwise you won't be able to buy any products. Collateral is not required.

Do you want to buy on account and pay with a SEPA B2B direct debit authorisation? Then we will collect the outstanding debts from your bank account on the due date. We will prepare the SEPA authorisation for you. Some banks prefer you to send another registration form as well. We will also fill these in for you, then you send them to your bank.

Do you prefer to use SWIFT (Payment On Behalf) as a direct debit authorisation? Then you issue a power of attorney. This power of attorney allows us to transfer outstanding debts from a pre-specified account to our account on the due date. A SWIFT mandate is only issued by Dutch banks with a corresponding bank account number. These are Rabobank, ING, ABN AMRO bank, Deutsche Bank and KBC bank. For more information, ask your bank.

We give our suppliers a 100% payment guarantee. That is why we always check your creditworthiness if you want to register as a buyer on the marketplace. We will ask you for collateral such as a deposit or bank guarantee in the event of buying on account. The amount depends on your trading behaviour. Sometimes, you can only purchase direct trade through Floriday and pay with an eWallet.

Together with you, we look at which form of payment and trading suits your situation. Call our Customer Contact Center or your account manager for advice. We are open Monday to Thursday from 05:30 to 17:00 and on Friday from 05:30 to 16:00. Call us on +31 88 789 8989.

Purchase via Floriday

If you want to buy directly through Floriday, you need to be in possession of a customer number of Royal FloraHolland. If you are not yet registered with Royal FloraHolland, you first have to follow the registration process to become a customer. After receiving your administration number, you can start using Floriday.

Buyer Screening

Royal FloraHolland operates as a global marketplace for flowers and plants and, as a Buyer, you will have access to a wide network of suppliers. To ensure that you can do business with confidence, all relations are screened during the registration process.

Registering as a customer

Are you interested in making purchases via Royal FloraHolland's buying channels? And are you interested in the supplementary/professional services provided by Royal FloraHolland?