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About us

Royal FloraHolland is the largest international floriculture marketplace for flowers and plants, operating as both an association of growers and a business entity.

Flowers and plants enrich our world by adding colour to our homes, gardens and neighbourhoods, and greening our cities. A verdant environment not only enhances happiness but also reduces stress. Our cooperative serves a dual role: it is an association and a business. We aim to remain a healthy and attractive cooperative for our members and to build the largest international B2B platform in the floriculture sector. Sustainability is a crucial foundation for this. By pooling knowledge and strength, we create sustainable success, foster international growth, and strengthen our cooperative for future challenges.
The cooperative

As a cooperative and an association of growers with its own business, Royal FloraHolland handles an average of 100,000 transactions per day and generates an annual turnover of over 5 billion euros. With around 3,000 members from Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as buyers from numerous countries, we are a leader in the floriculture sector. By combining our knowledge and strengths, we achieve sustainable success and international growth, thereby reinforcing the cooperative.


Our strategy integrates our cooperative strategy (of the association) with the business strategy, consolidating our ambitions for the Royal FloraHolland platform. This dual-pronged approach includes a digital platform, Floriday, and a logistics platform, allowing us to work digitally and efficiently and increase the supply and demand for flowers and plants. We are committed to boosting the sustainability of our cooperative and the industry at large.


At Royal FloraHolland, sustainability is a core principle. We are dedicated to enhancing our cooperative’s sustainability and aim to lead the industry in this respect. We promote greater sustainability among our growers and throughout the floriculture chain. As consumers demand more transparency and legislation imposes stricter requirements, demonstrable sustainability is becoming increasingly essential.

Our story

Discover our story in a one-minute video that explains who we are, what we do and what we aim to achieve for our members, growers, buyers and the floriculture sector.
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Together with you

Royal FloraHolland can only achieve its ambition to be the premier international floriculture platform with your support – whether you’re a member, grower, buyer or employee. Through our 'Together with you' campaign, we share personal stories that illustrate the steps we are taking to create a sustainable and future-proof platform.

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