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Reliable and transparent floriculture marketplace

Know your business!

Consumers increasingly demand demonstrably sustainably grown flowers and plants. Reliability and transparency of our platform is therefore an absolute must for the industry's reputation.

Digitally secure platform

We invest in an environment resistant to attacks by cybercriminals and are one of the initiators of the Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport.

Certification (clear sustainability criteria)

Reliability and transparency of relevant sustainability aspects is unequivocally demonstrable through certification. We realise that sustainability goes beyond certification, but also that certification is an important step towards objectification and transparency on sustainability. Together with trading companies, the VGB (Vereniging van Groothandelaren in Bloemkwekerijproducten) and FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative), we are working to raise awareness and thus promote more transparency in the chain.

Reducing the footprint

We are committed to developing a product footprint, an independent and scientific method to calculate, compare and monitor the environmental impact of flowers and plants.

Resilient floriculture sector

Together with customs, police and other authorities, we are working to make the sector structurally safer and more resilient.

Plant Passport

We set great store in offering transparency about our business operations, and the plant passport is one example of this. Since the end of 2019, all plants, flower bulbs and various seeds traded within the EU, and intended for planting or to remain planted, must be accompanied by a plant passport. This is stipulated in the new EU Plant Health Regulation. The plant passport ensures that the origin and identity of plants and plant material is known. This is important with a view to the prevention of disease and infestation, and swift identification of the source of any such disease or infestation. The plant passport is also proof that plants have been checked by the supplier, which ensures that they do not contain harmful Quarantine Organisms (Q organisms). This way, the plants can be traded freely within the EU without the need for checks at national borders.

All suppliers to our floriculture marketplace are legally required to furnish their plants with a plant passport, without which we cannot auction the plants. The plant passport is physically applied per smallest trade unit, for example at plant level (mandatory from pot size 10), tray or box. The plant passport helps our buyers buy plants from our marketplace with confidence.

Suppliers and buyers can find practical information about the plant passport on this dedicated web page and on external websites of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), NAK Tuinbouw and the Dutch Flower Auctions Association (VBN).

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