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Nationwide Auctioning
takes us further

Together towards a future-proof marketplace

We are concentrating the supply and demand onto a nationwide, digital auction. To optimise the pricing and to provide efficient and combined logistics & transport so that they will fit into your business processes. This way we'll reduce costs and help the floriculture chain become more sustainable.

This summer, the plant auctions will also switch to image auctioning
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Latest news

Switch now to entering quantities

The 17th of November, we will switch to entering quantities. This means that a buyer will no longer use audio (speech) to signal their purchase intention on Royal FloraHolland’s auction clocks, but by means of entering quantities. Entering quantities has been updated.

Royal Flora Holland aantallen drukken is vernieuwd beeld tribune

Image auctioning also for plants

With the implementation of this new logistics process, trolleys can no longer physically appear at the Auction. Flowers have not been physically auctioned for some time now. This summer, the plant auctions will also switch to image auctioning.

Royal Flora Holland Ficus Beeldveilen

RFH Photo: the new photo app

A photo app was developed to improve the quality of product photos before and during the auction: RFH photo. The new photo app makes taking product photos easier and offers better quality product photos before and during auction.

RFH Fotoapp Video Voorblad EN DE

Nationwide Auctioning consists of three components

The nationwide, digital auction

At the moment, we still hold auctions separately at Royal FloraHolland’s three export locations: Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. We are moving towards a nationwide, and therefore location-independent, digital auction. This will bring supply and demand from our three export locations together in one digital (worldwide) marketplace.


A new type of logistics

We are gradually transforming our current distribution process into demand-driven order picking. We will also be organising the logistics fulfillment for direct trade and auction trade in a combined process. With this new, combined logistics, products can be delivered to you quickly and reliably.


Customer experience and quality

We are creating an overview of all current auction events. In reaching a decision to buy on a digital marketplace, it is important that the buyer gets what they’ve bought. That is why reliable product photos and product information are even more important. We’re working on that, together with buyers and suppliers.


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