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Central auctioning for suppliers

In centralised auctioning, we aggregate auction clocks by product group across locations. What does this mean for you as a supplier?

Auction sequence

The auction schedule determines the order of the auction groups. For each auction group, the suppliers are put in order daily by means of random supplier draw. Then, again daily, a random location draw determines which location will be auctioned first that day. This location draw applies to all flower and plant auction groups. Finally, as supplier you determine the desired auction sequence of your own products at that location through the supply letter (EAB).

Merging auction clocks

The merging of auction clocks has an impact on auction schedules. This is especially important for buyers to know, but also useful for you to be aware of. This is because the merging of auction clocks may also affect the auction clocks of other product groups.

View the current auction schedules of the central clocks here:

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