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Central auctioning

Together towards a future-proof marketplace

We bring supply and demand together digitally and physically on a large international floriculture marketplace. We do this step by step with the aim of easy trading.

Optimal pricing

More efficient logistics and transport

Lower costs

More sustainable

Current situation

We have already taken several major steps in the area of Central Auctioning. In November 2023, we extended the first central clock to hub Rijnsburg and switched all roses to central clocks. In March 2024, the first central plant clock was added.We are currently busy analysing and preparing for the full roll-out of Central Auctioning in autumn 2024. As soon as there is a concrete schedule for this, we will report it here.

Auctioning changes

Renew at auction

To be and remain the leading international floriculture marketplace, we need to stay ahead. Now and in the future. So we invest every day in making buying and selling more efficient and clear.

Find out what steps we are taking

Central auctioning for suppliers

In central auctioning, we aggregate auction clocks by product group across locations. What does this mean for you as a grower? How should you land? And how does the auction order come about at a central clock?

Discover all tips for suppliers

Central auctioning for buyers

What does merging auction clocks by product group across locations mean for you as a buyer? All the practical information you need to know about auction schedules and KOA adjustments can be found here.

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