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To be and remain the leading international floriculture marketplace, we need to stay ahead. Now and in the future. We do this based on three themes: simplify dealmaking, customised logistics and smart business. With 'simplify dealmaking', we invest every day in making the buying process more efficient and clear on the clock and thus auctioning. So that buying and selling flowers or plants via the clock becomes increasingly sustainable and easy. First and foremost, we always want to offer easy access to the widest and deepest range of flowers and plants. To achieve this, we make choices, also from a cost perspective. For instance, we are gradually phasing out techniques and services that are not future-proof or that are not needed to do business digitally. The same applies to auctioning. Auctioning is changing, there are four points we are working on together with growers and buyers:

Central auctioning

Central auctioning is the aggregation of auction clocks by product group across locations. We have already come a long way in bringing together supply and demand of flowers and plants by product type on one central clock per product group (formerly National Auctioning).

Step-by-step central auctioning

With central auctioning, we are working step by step towards a location-independent way of auctioning via Floriday. Easy trading, optimal pricing and cost reductions are key points here.
By bringing together supply and demand, we encourage optimal pricing. To eventually arrive at a single central auction, there are several steps we need to take together. Meanwhile, we already have a number of central flower clocks. We are now adding a plant clock. Eventually we will work towards more and more central clocks (about 20 flower and plant clocks) and the number of local clocks will decrease.

Expansion central clocks

The positive results on the first central flower clocks gives confidence that we can take the next step in merging auction clocks. In addition, there is an increasing need from plant growers to auction centrally. Therefore, we are expanding the central clocks with a first plant clock by 14 March 2024. This next step will allow us to gain experience in a new (plant) environment.

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