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Central auctions for buyers

In centralised auctioning, we aggregate auction clocks by product group across locations. What does this mean for you as a buyer?

How does central auctioning work in KOA?

To buy in on the central clocks, some settings need to be changed in KOA. We are happy to explain how central auctioning works in KOA in a few simple steps.

Central clocks

As a buyer, you have a better overview with central clocks because the supply is centralised. By merging clocks from different locations, more and more central clocks will be added over time and local clocks will decrease. The start time of the central flower clocks is 06:00. The start time of the central plant clock is 06:30. This means minimal impact for most buyers. This step allows us to gain new experience in a plant environment and its effects on logistics handling. The local plant auction clocks will start at the same time as now.

You can find the current auction schedules here:

Especially for local buyers

One of the principles of central auctioning is a maximum auction time for flowers of 3.5 hours without breaks. For plants it is 3 hours. If you now buy at all locations, you are already used to the auction end times of Aalsmeer. If you now only buy at Naaldwijk or Rijnsburg, you are used to short(er) auction times. This is going to change. We will do our best to accommodate all wishes as best we can:
  • We aim to maintain as much as possible the current structure structure and volumes per transaction.
  • We offer a wide range by dividing the auction schedule into several auction groups.
  • The maximum auction time is 3.5 hours for flowers and 3 hours for plants. Your purchasing process can be supported using, for example, the Marking app, the RFH photo app and logistics services including Clock Pre-Sales Select delivery and urgent buying. For more information, contact Customer Contact Centre.

Central auction principles

Centralised auctioning involves centralising the supply from the various locations digitally. We currently auction through KOA, but are building two dedicated apps so that in the future we will auction through Floriday. As now, suppliers will deliver their products to the three export locations: Rijnsburg, Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. Then a daily (random) location draw and grower draw will determine how we start auctioning.

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