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Buying in line with your strategy

You'll always find what you're looking for on our international Royal FloraHolland platform, whether you buy through the auction clock, Auction Presales or directly from one of our growers on our digital platform, Floriday.

What is your commercial approach?

It goes without saying that you want to buy your flowers and plants as efficiently as possible and at the best price. With Floriday, you can buy directly through day, weekly and forward trading on Floriday. The platform allows you to do business in a personal way. From one central location, you have insight into the entire range and all orders. Want to buy flowers or plants on the auction clock, through Auction Presales, Direct Bidding or direct purchasing, Or combinations of these methods? We make floriculture trading as easy as possible for you.

What do we offer you?

  • Convenient purchasing on the largest floriculture platform
  • Real-time listing of flowers and plants
  • Reliable product information and certification
  • Lay down long-term agreements in contracts
  • Work in Floriday's screens or in your own software package (with an API connection)
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Discover Floriday

Floriday enables you to buy and sell flowers and plants on one platform. It allows you to handle all your commercial processes easily and securely. Work online or connect to your own software package.

Buying on the auction clock

Every day, you have access to the most comprehensive assortment of flowers and plants in the world. Achieving the optimal market price at the lowest possible cost is paramount.

Auction Presales

With Auction Presales, you buy before the auction even starts. Buy auction listings for the next day, starting from one packaging unit, and put them directly in your online shop.

Direct Bidding

With Direct Bidding, you can buy listings from growers on Floriday by offering the asking price immediately or making a counterbid.

Direct purchasing

Want to buy flowers and plants directly from growers in the day trade? Floriday makes it possible. Use the Floriday Explorer search function or browse the grower's shop to order directly from growers in your network.

Contract trade

You can lay down long-term agreements in Floriday through contracts. We call this 'contract trade'. Both parties can then refer to this contract.


Novelties are new and distinctive products. That’s what makes them so appealing. Discover the entire range in the Floriday catalogue and delight your customers.
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Purchasing on our Royal FloraHolland platform?

On our international Royal FloraHolland platform, you will always find the most comprehensive assortment at the right price. Over 50 million flowers and plants are traded every day. You won’t find an assortment as complete as ours anywhere else. With methods such as auction clocks and direct trade, buying is easy and you have access to almost 5,000 growers.


View the current rates for our buyer services on our Royal FloraHolland platform.