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Platform for the floriculture industry

Floriday is the digital platform for floriculture with which we want to make trade grow and become simpler.

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With Floriday, we are making the floriculture sector more accessible by providing a single international platform where growers, buyers, service providers and software suppliers come together. An online platform with convenient features and additional services that allow you to conduct business easily & efficiently. It is possible to work both directly in the screens of Floriday or to link the software/ERP systems you use with Floriday.

Joint initiative for the floriculture sector

Floriday was launched in 2018 as an initiative for the floriculture sector by Royal FloraHolland and FloraXchange. Floriday's mission is to make the floriculture industry more accessible and simple by developing a new digital infrastructure for the global floriculture trade. Together with growers and buyers, Floriday provides a foundation in this digital infrastructure to achieve maximum value for each player in the chain. The development of Floriday involves close collaboration with growers, buyers, service providers and software suppliers.

Selling via Floriday

With Floriday, you have access to the largest market in the world. Your supply and order requests are centralised in one place. Moreover, the platform offers you efficient commercial and logistics solutions such as, for example, fast and reliable information exchange with buyers and solutions for smaller orders. Work with Floriday by logging into the platform, linking your software package or combining it.

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Buying via Floriday

Buy locally or worldwide: through Floriday, you always have access to the largest assortment and supply in the floriculture industry. Make connections with growers, and order directly online on their supply. Besides reliable product information, the platform gives you insight into certifications, lets you track your orders and saves on logistics. Work with Floriday by logging into the platform, linking your software package or combining it.

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Integration with Floriday

As a floriculture service provider, you can also unlock services through Floriday. Through handy apps, Floriday provides users with tools and features they can integrate into their Floriday experience. For example, there are apps for more commercial insight and apps can help with a marketing and sales strategy. We also work with many software suppliers who provide a seamless link between Floriday and software packages. Does your service also fit Floriday?

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Learn more about Floriday

What solutions does Floriday offer?

Discover what Floriday is and what solutions Floriday offers for buyers, growers and service providers.

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Getting started in Floriday?

Are you planning to get started with Floriday? Follow the online workshops for a flying start at Floriday!

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Floriday is here for you!

Floriday's support department is here for you! Chat in the platform or call Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

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SQ Flora: "If we centralise digitisation, the sector will really move forward"

Exporter SQ Flora aims to offer its customers a wide range of flowers via the shortest possible route, sourced from growers in the Netherlands and Kenya. Since 1.5 years, they have also been using Floriday for this, especially the contract module in the platform. Continue reading?

Evanthia: "Connecting growers and exporters in the chain is our starting point"

In order to sell the young plants, Evanthia also uses Floriday, some 70,000 young plants are sold through this medium. "Besides the supply agreements, we offer remaining young plants as stock. Previously that was only done through excel lists by email, however for several years now we have also offered this stock through Floriday. With that, a whole new customer base of exporters in particular has emerged." Continue reading?

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