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Launch new products successfully

Developed a new product? Then of course you want as many people as possible to know about it. So enter your product in the novelty programme!

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Have you developed a new product that the market needs to know about?

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Novelties are new and distinctive and therefore attractive to customers.

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Glazen Tulp

This Oscar-worthy award is for the best market introduction in ornamental horticulture.

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When is a product a novelty?

A novelty is a new product that has not been launched on the market before.
We apply the following criteria:
  • Product preferably has a new VBN code
  • The right quality (A1)
  • No turnover yet
  • Available
  • New/different product from existing product, e.g. new leaf, flower structure, shape and/or different inflorescence.
  • Member/supplier via Royal FloraHolland

Register Novelty

You can register and offer your novelty at Royal FloraHolland via Floriday (via your own environment) or via the registration form on this page.

Does the product not fall under novelties? Or because it is a re-introduction of an existing product, but you would like extra publicity for it? Then In the Picture might be for you. With this label, we highlight your product on various Royal FloraHolland sales channels.

Advantages of registering novelty via Royal FloraHolland

  • The new product will be widely visible in the marketplace. Both on the clock and directly in Floriday.
  • Novelties automatically stand a chance of winning the Glazen Tulp Award, which we present annually.

Register your novelty for Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Would you like to be in the spotlight with your novelty during Trade Fair Aalsmeer? And a place in our novelty stand? Then you can apply to participate in this.

Register your novelty via Floriday?

Would you like to register your novelty via Floriday?


Benefits for buyers
A complete overview of all new products on the marketplace, including quantities available through Floriday.

Novelties are always a special, simply because they are new. This allows you to score with customers! Buying beautiful novelties again gives you as a buyer a distinctive and innovative character.

Our range of novelties
Are you interested in other Novelties? Discover the total range in the Floriday catalogue.

Glazen Tulp Award

What is the Glazen Tulp Award?

The Glazen Tulp Award is an Oscar-worthy award we present annually to the best market introduction in ornamental horticulture. There are five categories in which we award a Glass Tulip: cut flowers, concepts, houseplants flowering, houseplants green and garden plants. If you register a product as a novelty, it automatically stands a chance of winning the Glazen Tulp Award.
Be sure to register on time and in full.

You can apply for the Glazen Tulp Award 2024 until 1 June 2023. Product applications submitted after 1 June will be considered for the Glazen Tulp Award 2025.

Commercial services

Do you need more knowledge and service in addition to our services? Royal FloraHolland supports your commercial ambitions with services such as: Quality research, Store check, Leaflet check, Sales advice and Consumer check.

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