National clock

Welcome to the national clock! On this national clock, the supply and purchasing power of location Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer will be concentrated on a single clock.

Go live 24 november
Clock National Auction flowers

A full and interesting clock for buyers where all Cut Anthurium, Cut Orchid, Alstroemeria and Strelitzia are auctioned.

As supplier, you still decide at which location(s) you sell your products. You also decide the auction sequence of your own lots. We process this sequence on a location-by-location basis. At which location auctioning will start is decided by a draw.

By default, we use the letter order number to determine your auction sequence at a location, auctioning in ascending order from lowest to highest letter number.

We also offer the option of auctioning by alphabetical cultivar sequence. From A to Z and per cultivar, we auction the most important grading characteristic first. Would you like to use this option already? Then it is best to contact your auctioneer.

Daily auction schedules

The daily auction schedule is determined by Royal FloraHolland. You can read all auction schedules on the Royal FloraHolland website.
You continue to supply the lots in the same way. Naaldwijk location only, Aalsmeer location only or both locations. You decide!
Once all lots are registered on the national clock, we conduct the draw. This draw consists of 2 parts and takes place every day:
  1. First, we determine which grower location will be auctioned first. Naaldwijk or Aalsmeer first?
  2. Next, the random grower draw takes place. Everyone has an equal chance of being drawn 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last regardless of the time of supply, lot size or your set-up location.

If your number comes first in the draw, all your lots are auctioned first on the national clock and with the location drawn first. Don't have any products at the location that was drawn first? No problem, we'll start with the lots from the other location right away.

Subsequently, the grower coming 2nd in the draw is auctioned and also staring with the lots from the location that was drawn first and immediately after that the other location. This continues until all the suppliers in the auction group are auctioned.

After your products have been auctioned on the national clock, the transactions are brought to the customer by logistics.

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