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Members' Council

Royal FloraHolland is a cooperative of growers. Via the Members' Council, growers are involved in important decisions and policy-making from the very start. This is how Royal FloraHolland makes decisions and comes up with solutions related to the members’ interests.

The Members' Council consists of at least 35 and at most 45 growers. The members of the Members' Council are appointed by all members of the cooperative. They are a good reflection of the members.

How does the Members' Council work?

Royal FloraHolland is changing. Many projects influence the cooperative's operations and therefore the operations of the suppliers too. Think about the digitisation of the marketplace or nationwide auctioning, for example. That is why the Members' Council is an important sounding board for the Management Board and the Supervisory Board (SB) when determining the company's course. The Members' Council speeds up changes by linking the knowledge of growers to the company's professionalism.

The role of the Members' Council:

  • The formal tasks of the GMM (General Members' Meeting)
  • Advisory function
  • Reporting function
  • Responsible for good dialogue between members and MC

The Management Board discusses important cooperative themes with the Management Board team and the Supervisory Board and give advice. This way, the members' interests are taken into account during the planning phase at an early stage. In 2019, the first year of the Members' Council, the Members' Council provided advice about the environmental registration and environmental certification for all suppliers on the marketplace and members provided input on the roll-out of Floriday. Furthermore, the Members' Council approved the annual figures for 2019 and the rates for 2020.

In 2020 the transition towards 100% Digital, nationwide auctioning and new forms of membership are on the agenda, as well as the effects of the corona crisis on our cooperative, of course.

Dialogue with all members

In order to fulfil its advisory and reporting function, the Members' Council has to know which issues the members are dealing with. That is why the Members' Council organises multiple meetings per year. Members can provide input about important themes during member sessions. These opinions are taken into account by the Members' Council during meetings with the company.

General Members' Meetings

Until January 1, 2019, the control structure within Royal FloraHolland was determined by the General Members' meeting (ALV). This has made way for the Members' Council.
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