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Member sessions

Talking to members

During the member sessions, all members discuss the most important cooperative themes with each other, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The Members' Council organises membership sessions twice a year. Both in the Netherlands and internationally, physically and nowadays often also a number of online sessions. Because a cooperative is what we are together. Without input and feedback from members, the Member Council cannot perform its tasks properly.

During the members' sessions, we discuss current and strategic issues with each other, members among themselves, from the Council of Members, but also MT members present from the company. Valuable sessions that are well appreciated by the members.

The last sessions took place in November and over 450 members attended. The next sessions in the Netherlands are scheduled between 9 and 18 April. Sessions abroad will also be organised again this period. A concrete schedule will follow soon on this page. And as soon as it is possible to register for one of the sessions, members will receive an invitation by e-mail or can register via a link on this page.

Previous Member sessions

Member sessions provide valuable information. We use this information to further change and improve our cooperative. For example, the input from the member sessions forms an important basis for the discussions of the Council of Members with the management and the Supervisory Board. In principle, we organize a round of member sessions twice a year. This takes place in the Netherlands and internationally.

A summary follows each member session. Read back the integration documents of recent member sessions below.