Royal FloraHolland | Elections Members’ Council 2020

Elections Members’ Council

Decide with us! And become a member of the Members' Council

Would you like to have a say in Royal FloraHolland's plans? Then apply for the Members' Council. The Members' Council consists of 42 growers elected by the members of Royal FloraHolland. As a member of the Members' Council, you approve Royal FloraHolland's annual figures, for example, and set the rates for member suppliers. But you also have a say on specific themes that really matter in the cooperative. Are you interested and would you like to apply? Or would you like to know more first?

Appointment and resignation; how does it work?

As of 1 January 2020, the Members' Council consists of 42 members. Each year, a number of members retire in accordance with the Retirement Schedule and new members are appointed. This ensures that the Members' Council is continuously refreshed. Members can apply throughout the year.

In October, the Nomination Committee of the Members' Council meets with members who have applied for a place in the Members' Council. When selecting the candidates, the reflection of the number of members is taken into account. The selected candidates are proposed for the Members' Council elections. The elections take place at the end of November / beginning of December. Candidates are appointed when a majority of the votes cast by members is in their favour.

Members of the Members Council are appointed for a four-year period. They can then be reappointed for another four years. To avoid a situation in which the entire Members' Council suddenly consists of new faces, a Retirement Schedule has been drawn up. This ensures an even distribution of inflow and outflow over the coming years.