Sustainable packaging

We aim to continue improving our transport packaging and making it even more sustainable for the chain. That is why we conduct research, work together with packaging experts and naturally with our suppliers and customers.

By making our packaging sustainable, we are also contributing to the national programme 'Nederland Circulair in 2050' [circular Netherlands by 2050]. Packaging is a means of transport, and its standardised dimensions contribute to an efficient chain. It also offers optimal protection to the carefully cultivated horticultural products.

The challenge with sustainable packaging is finding the right balance for every product-packaging combination. At Royal FloraHolland you will find the B2B (business to business) transport packaging that suits your product and your customers' needs.

Realization so far

What have we done so far?

  • On 21 February 2019 we signed the Plastic Pact NL.
  • We use less packaging material.
  • The materials that we use are more sustainably produced and easier to reuse.
  • Packaging intended for repeated use scores better than recyclable packaging. The environmental performance of both forms of packaging can be improved further, with the aim to achieve a more positive environmental impact.
  • We launched an initiative with customers to make transport packaging in the chain more sustainable.

Multi-use plant tray Floratino

Research results

Outcome of life cycle analysis
Nowadays there is a lot to choose from: reusable, disposable plastic or cardboard plant trays. What is the environmental impact of this packaging?
Result of plant tray survey
In the summer of 2017, we investigated why which packaging is chosen. This survey was completed by more than 200 growers and customers.
The life cycle of a single use plant tray
What is the life cycle of a single use Normpack plant tray? What raw materials is the tray made of? And how far are we with recycling them? Read the answers to these questions on this page.

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