Working together on sustainability prepares us for the future. We are committed to making the sector more sustainable so that we can all be successful in the long term. We cannot do this alone. It is something we must do in collaboration with our growers, buyers and other partners.

Our sustainability ambitions in the areas of environment and society:

A trusted marketplace

Our growers work hard to deliver beautiful, high-quality products. Products that are grown with great respect for people and the environment. We want to demonstrate this in a credible way while continuing to work on innovations and improvements.

Circularity of raw materials

We are working together with various partners on a responsible and simplified plastics chain. We are taking a critical look at the design, use, residual flow and new applications of single-use packaging.

Minimal CO2 emissions

We use 100% green (certified) electricity and solar energy and are connected to a geothermal heat source. We will continue to investigate how we can reduce energy and heat consumption in all our operations.

By encouraging green innovations together

A liveable, green society is our ultimate goal. We do this by working with partners on a variety of programmes and by creating a healthy working environment for our employees.


Annual report 2022: value creation model and Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive

In the 2022 annual report, we focus on Royal FloraHolland's results and demonstrate how we add value to society. We are using the value creation model for the first time this year. This year, we have also taken an important first step towards reporting in accordance with the requirements of the Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD). In doing so, we are anticipating the requirement to do so from the 2025 annual report onwards. This directive requires companies to report on their impact on mankind and the environment. Royal FloraHolland embraces sustainability in all its facets and will gradually improve its CSRD reporting in the coming years.

Digital environmental registration and certification

Digital environmental registration and environmental certification provide verifiable proof of our efforts in terms of sustainability. Evidence of this type is increasingly being demanded by both the government and consumers. Sustainability is, after all, essential for our future. The future of our growers, our cooperative, our sector and the world. As a cooperative, we want to help our growers achieve sustainability. That's why we encourage our members and help them obtain certification to demonstrate how sustainably they are already working.

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