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All of the cardboard packaging we buy or rent is FSC-certified. With this choice for 100% FSC cardboard, we contribute directly to the protection of forests around the world and a healthy environment for people and animals.

Through the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging, we intend for our packaging to contribute to the sector sustainability plans. With these plans we are working to make our packaging even more sustainable. At the beginning of this year, we launched an initiative with a number of our customers. Together we are developing the most sustainable and efficient packaging. For example, increasing the percentage of the return flows of single-use packaging and encouraging the use of multi-use packaging.

What does FSC mean?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to the maintenance and responsible management of forests worldwide. A balanced consideration is given to the ecological, social and economic aspects associated with forest management, such as:

  • Protection of environments of plants and animals.
  • Respect for local populations and forestry workers.
  • Harvesting wood while maintaining the forest.

Wood and paper products from an FSC-certified forest are recognisable by the FSC label.

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