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All of our packaging is fully recyclable. We also recycle much discarded multi-use packaging so it can be used to produce new packaging. Polystyrene (PS) is the raw material for the production of single-use trays. This conscious choice for PS means the waste flow is eminently usable for recycling. Single-use recyclable packaging is made from 90% recycled material, including the material that we collect ourselves.

In the second half of 2017, an extensive inventory was done of the use of recycled raw materials and of the collected trays.

Results of research into recycling of single-use plant trays:

  • 50% of the single-use plant trays in the Netherlands and Germany are recycled after use.
  • And because 90% of single-use plant trays are made of recycled material (like plant trays), the recycled plant trays can be directly used in new plant trays.
  • This has a positive important effect on sustainability.

Possibilities for improvement

Material reduction for Normpack
In the spring of 2017, we started examining the potential for reducing material use in the Normpack 200 and 400 series. We looked at whether a new design (the bridge as in the Normpack 300 series) would lead to a reduction in material use while retaining functionality.

The research showed that this reduction in material use is possible for the 400 series. It is now up to the Normpack manufacturers and/or suppliers to actually implement this improvement.

Realisation of higher recycling percentager
Together with our chain partners, we are actively searching for ways to increase the recycling percentage.