Connect logistics

With Connect logistics from Royal FloraHolland, you deliver your direct trade products in one go for all your customers at the auction. We ensure that your customers on the auction grounds receive your products via the internal transport system quickly and in good condition, so their handling process can be efficiently organised. This leads to satisfied customers and saves you time and money.

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Your benefits

  • You can supply your products and deliver them whenever it suits you.
  • You only have to dock once.
  • You supply in one go all your direct trade and clock products.
  • Your products are delivered quickly and in good condition to your customers.
  • With tracking and tracing you know precisely where your products are.
  • Your logistics, financial and commercial services on one invoice.

What does it cost?

You will find the rates for these services under 'Other supply rates', on the page: Rates for members and suppliers.

How does it work?

If your customer is located on the auction grounds, you can supply your direct trade and clock products within generous supply times. Please find the opening hours below.

On your EDF you state that your products must be handled via Direct trade logistics. Make sure to use duplicate forms when you send more than one form on a load carrier to the same customer.

Supply and delivery times