Temporary exemption from member obligations

As a member you sell your entire production via Royal FloraHolland and profit from payment guarantees and all the facilities of the global marketplace. But occasionally your customer cannot buy via the auction. Always discuss this situation with your account manager. If it is not possible to register the customer, then you can resort to the Temporary exemption from member obligations (TEMO) and make a transaction bypassing the auction. Via the Temporary exemption from member obligations application, you can record your transactions bypassing the auction and keep your TEMO administration organised and up-to-date.

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Your benefits

  • Doing business with customers who cannot settle via the auction.
  • Always have direct insight into your TEMO-turnover and the TEMO-levy.
  • Possibility to pay your TEMO-levy in instalments.

What does it cost?

For each transaction that bypasses the auction, you pay the basic commission and a liquidity contribution. This is the same as the commission for direct trade via Royal FloraHolland and is set annually at the members' meeting.

You must always declare the full amount that bypasses the auction. No charge is applied by the TEMO system over the first €15,000. The use of the TEMO-application is free of charge. More information?

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How does it work?

The TEMO is always linked to a specific (periodical) transaction. You request the TEMO from your account manager. Ideally, you report the customer's name and the period in which the transaction will take place. Royal FloraHolland then checks whether your customer can trade through the auction or not. It may be possible to register your customer after all, so you can count on the payment guarantee offered by Royal FloraHolland for this customer as well.

  • If your customer is unable to settle via the auction, then you will receive the TEMO within three weeks. In the TEMO-application you specify that you are using an exemption. It is best to do this before the transaction takes place, but it should definitely be done within three months after the transaction.
  • If your customer can trade through the auction after all, you will not be granted an exemption and you may not go through with the transaction bypassing the auction - in our common interest.

After receiving consent from your account manager, you can activate the TEMO-application in 'My Royal FloraHolland' at royalfloraholland.com. This application offers you the following possibilities:

  • Ideally, you document your TEMO-turnover quarterly, which has the advantage that you can pay in instalments and the costs are calculated in the same year that the transaction took place. Is your turnover that bypassed the auction less than €15,000? Then you can consider registering your TEMO-turnover just once a year. Discuss this with your account manager.
  • You have direct insight into all costs and levies
  • You can set the time when Royal FloraHolland collects the costs (within three months after registering) so you can spread payments over the year. Settlement is done with the services invoice.
  • You can simply retrieve previous records of TEMO-transactions