Royal FloraHolland | Grower-to-grower scheme

Grower-to-grower scheme

Would you like to buy ornamental plants or flowers from fellow growers, so that you can sell them later through Royal FloraHolland? The Grower-Grower Scheme (GGS) allows trading between growers. If you resell the purchased products through Royal FloraHolland, double levies are avoided or reduced. As a purchasing grower, you enter into a special agreement with Royal FloraHolland for this purpose.


The Grower-Grower Scheme offers benefits to both buying and supplying growers.

  • Purchasing via the GGS? The GGS buyer number makes purchasing from fellow growers via direct trade from Royal FloraHolland easy. As a GGS participant, you are fully or partially exempt from levies on your fellow grower's products.
  • Sales via the GGS? On the purchasing grower's GGS buyer number, you can deliver and invoice via Royal FloraHolland. There is no need to settle by invoice outside the auction.

What does it cost?

The GGS is based on an annual subscription. Besides the subscription fee, GGS participants also pay 0.1% commission on the purchase turnover.

How does it work?

Growers buying products from fellow growers can apply for a GGS buyer number.

A number of conditions apply:
  • You must be registered with Royal FloraHolland as a GGS participant and have a valid buyer number so that you can pay by SEPA direct debit.
  • The supplying fellow grower must also be registered with Royal FloraHolland.
  • The purchased products are resold through Royal FloraHolland.

The GGS always involves two transactions with the same products:
  • Transaction 1: The GGS participant purchases from a fellow grower. The GGS participant in this case is a 'buyer'.
  • Transaction 2: The GGS participant resells the purchased products, along with its own crop, to its own customer. The GGS participant in this case is a 'grower'.

To avoid double levies as a GGS participant, you will receive part of the levies as an advance refund during the first transaction. Final settlement takes place after the end of the calendar year.

It's wise to read the terms and conditions or the explanation of the calculation:

Grower-Grower Scheme through Floriday

You can also use the GGS if you trade through Floriday. You then buy and sell your products through Floriday. It is important that you use a login for growers and for buyers.

No Floriday account yet?

Are you not buying or selling through Floriday yet? Then you can use the Connect-EAB for GGS-trade.

For whom?

Growers who buy products from fellow growers can apply for a KKR (buyer) number.

This is subject to a number of conditions:

  • The fellow grower who delivers to you is registered with Royal FloraHolland.
  • You are registered with Royal FloraHolland as a customer (KKR participant) and have a valid KKR number (including SEPA authorisation and provision of the correct financial security).
  • The purchased products are also resold via Royal FloraHolland.