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Price information messaging

As a businessman, you are making decisions all the time. Good insight into the current prices is therefore crucial. Royal FloraHolland has several price information services. The messages arrive by e-mail and SMS to keep you updated.

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Your benefits

  • Always informed of the prices of your products.
  • Your daily proceeds known immediately.
  • Easy comparisons with the market.

What does it cost?

You will find the rates for this services under 'Other supply rates', on the page: Rates for members and suppliers.

How does it work?

Lot transactions (EDI)

Would you like to know who bought your product? And what your customers paid? Lot transactions give you an overview of the proceeds of your products that day. You receive the lot transactions within two hours after the end of the auction by e-mail.

Daily statistics

The daily statistics message informs you of the average prices of the products and the number of items supplied. This makes it easy to compare your prices to the market prices. You receive the daily statistics message within two hours after the end of the auction.

Price information during the auction (EDI)

As soon as one of your lots has been auctioned, you will receive an e-mail with the proceeds of your clock lots.

Price information by SMS

Within 15 minutes after your lots have been auctioned, you will receive an SMS containing your proceeds up to that point and the average price for each lot. The SMS contains information about 4 lots at most. With Price information by SMS, you are aware of your price-setting always and everywhere.

The EDI messages of Lot transactions, Daily statistics and Price information during the auction can be uploaded directly into your EDF software package if you have the correct software. Contact your software supplier if you want to use any of these services.