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Organisations that can take decisions quickly are effective and successful. The Insights app on Floriday offers growers direct insight into price and market developments and helps you determine your sales strategy.

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Your benefits

  • Direct insight into your sales and the average prices of all products traded through Royal FloraHolland, Plantion and Rhein-Maas.
  • Insight in your position and pricing within an auction group.
  • Create your own reports over longer periods to compare your data with auction data.
  • Use standard product, buyer or weekly reports and compare periods.

What does it cost?

Insights growers has 2 subscription types, a Light and a Basic subscription.

With the Light subscription, a dashboard with all yields and average prices can be accessed and reports can be created and viewed. The Basic subscription also provides insight into pricing in the auction groups in which you are active and an overview with the average prices and quantities of all auctioned products.

Light member: €29
Light supplier: €43,50

Basic member: € 58
Basis supplier: € 87

The rate applies to a maximum of three supplier numbers. Do you use more than three numbers? Then an additional amount of €32,50 is added per additional number used.

How does it work?

Insights gives you real-time access to price and market information. Insights also helps you translate raw data into useful information.

You can add Insights in Floriday as a programme, or launch it directly. All users linked to your company in Floriday can also use Insights. Insights is also specially optimised for use on your smartphone. It allows you to get insight into current market prices and your revenues very quickly, wherever you are.


More information can be found on Insights' dedicated information website,