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Let's peak

Everything for a successful peak

April, May and June are important months for you as growers and buyers, and therefore for us. We will do all we can to serve you as best we can during this peak period. With additional efforts, we ensure the most predictable logistics service. This way, we will make the peak a success together.

Let's peak
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Logistic information for growers and buyers

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Action plan 2024

In order to provide predictable and reliable logistics during peak periods, an action plan has also been established for this year.

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Peak period 11:00- 15:00

Will you help spread the logistics process and thereby enhance the reliability of supply (or to deliver)?

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Non-auction days and early auction days

Auctioning an hour earlier on the busiest days means the clocks and our logistics process start earlier. This creates the opportunity to deliver your transactions to buyers earlier on busy auction days. That's good news for your customers.

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Accelerated start in flowers, end sprint plants

Since last year, we start maximum staffing at flowers if needed on busy days to supply (or to deliver) there on time.

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Forecast end times

View the forecast end times of our locations.

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Delivery times Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg

View the current standard delivery times here.

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Delivery times Eelde

View the current standard delivery times here.

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Logistic supplies

Message overnight rental

With our free internal overnight rental notification service, you will be immediately informed about whether or not the internal overnight rental will go ahead.

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Availability of CC material

What is the national availability of CC containers and shelves?

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Auction trolley availability

Auction trolley stock at Royal FloraHolland locations at a glance.

Availability trolleys

Internal overnight rental

Will the internal overnight rental go ahead or not?

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Logistic supplies online

Get a grip on your costs with logistic supplies online.

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For smooth supply and processing of flowers and plants, adequate packaging, CCs and (auction) trolleys are a prerequisite. Logistics means are worth their weight in gold. We ensure that they are sufficiently available, even in busy times. It is our joint responsibility to also use the equipment as it is supposed to be used and, partly as a result, promote throughput. This is how we make success together.

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