Logistic services

From nursery to clock or via the auction location directly to your customers. However you sell your flowers and plants, you supply them to one location, and we take care of an efficient logistics handling and the requested distribution. That saves you valuable time and money.

Our services


With our modern systems and logistic supplies, we deliver all your clock products collected together after the auction.

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Connect logistics

With Connect logistics of Royal FloraHolland, you receive your direct trade products quickly and in good condition.

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Dock reservation

With Dock reservation you unload and load your freight in one go.

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Dock services

Royal FloraHolland Dock services is ready seven days a week, 24 hours a day to receive your products (imports).

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Floriculture Direct

Floriculture Direct is the logistic supply centre for the direct flows at Trade Parc Westland in Naaldwijk.

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Flowers@Sea solutions

The optimal container climate during transport by ship from Colombia and Kenya keeps your products in top condition.

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Prognosis end times

The current predicted end times always on time.

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Transit and transshipment

Royal FloraHolland is offering you the possibility to store your products temporarily.

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Urgent sale service

Receive delivery of your clock product in your box faster.

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