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Dock Services

Are you looking for a reliable partner to take care of the arrival of your international floriculture products in the Netherlands? Dock Services receives and processes small and large lots 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, quickly and efficiently in a fully refrigerated chain. We sort the products to size and deliver them to your desired location at our hubs in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk or Rijnsburg. We are also an official inspection location and offer support for both customs and KCB inspections and/or controls.

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Your benefits

  • You have an independent, flexible and reliable partner at all our hubs.
  • You save time and costs: thanks to our AEO certificate, we can receive and sort your products even before inspection.
  • We process the supply fully chilled until delivery to the customer, even in case of temporary inspection seizures.
  • Thanks to a new mechanised sorting system, we work quickly and efficiently and trolley loading according to customer profile is possible.

How does it work?

We take care of all the work involved in receiving your international floriculture products:
  • We check your products by number, type and temperature
  • We store your products in a cooled room, also in case of temporary inspection fittings.
  • We sort your products as required and load trolleys according to customer profile
  • We deliver your products to the right location at our hubs
  • We transfer your products from CC containers to trolleys
  • We facilitate and support customs or NVWA inspections
  • We handle the logistics of direct orders from stock
  • If required, we can tranship and ship your products after receipt (cross-docking).

We make clear agreements about the activities and keep you informed of progress. This allows you to stay in control and plan the processing and transport of your products efficiently.

What does it cost?

The standard rates are listed in the leaflet. For other services, please contact us.