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Easy Returns

Simplify your returns process for logistic resources

With Easy Returns, logistics resources and load carriers return directly and unsorted from the florist or retailer to Royal FloraHolland. In this way, we shorten the journey taken by logistic resources and load carriers and simplify your returns process.

The route of logistical resources

The flowers or plants delivered to you as a buyer come in buckets (possibly with racks), boxes or trays (logistic resources) and are transported by load carriers. Logistics resources and load carriers from Royal FloraHolland and from you go along in the chain all the way to your customers, the florist or retailer. The route back to Royal FloraHolland normally goes via you or the customer, where all logistic resources and load carriers are sorted, counted and stored.

Simpler returns process with Easy Returns

With Easy Returns, you transport all logistics resources and load carriers directly from the florist or retailer back to a Royal FloraHolland collection point, where we sort and count them. This way, the journey that logistic resources make is shorter and the return process simpler.
If you wish, Royal FloraHolland can still transport (part of) the logistics resources and load carriers to your box in consultation, for example in the case of your own logistics resources.

Furthermore, we send a daily report, with which you can easily keep your own administration.
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Your benefits

The Easy Returns service offers a number of important benefits:
  • You as a buyer/wholesaler no longer have to sort and count. As a result, you therefore need fewer staff.
  • You don't need to store the logistics resources. So you need less storage space on your own premises.
  • The transporter only needs to dock once. So there is one point where all logistics resources and load carriers can be dropped off unsorted.
  • Fewer transport movements are needed. This saves time and is more sustainable.
  • The return process is shorter. So you get the deposit back into your account sooner.

The experiences of Rody Peters


We are currently making Easy Returns available at our Aalsmeer hub. The rates for the Easy Returns service (Aalsmeer) are:
  • € 0.06 per logistics resource (buckets, racks, plates etc.)
  • € 2.00 per load carrier (trolleys, cages, CC containers, pallets etc.)

How can I register?

Are you interested in Easy Returns for your logistics assets and load carriers at the Aalsmeer hub? Let us know via the
Customer Contact Centre, available by phone on +31 88 789 89 89. We will then contact you.

Are you interested, but would you prefer to purchase this service in Rijnsburg or Naaldwijk? Please let us know. Together with you, we can decide whether to scale up this service at other hubs. In that case, too, please contact the Customer Contact Centre.