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One auction

Together towards a future-proof marketplace

More efficient logistics & transportation

Lower costs

More sustainable

Together towards a future-proof marketplace
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First Clock National Auction flowers

Clock C06 will be expanded to include the product groups of Cut Orchids, Alstroemeria and Strelitzia. It has now been determined that this clock will go live on Thursday 24 November.
By adding these product groups, we are creating a complete and worthwhile clock for buyers. At the same time, it means another step forward in concentrating demand and offer, and we are meeting the wish of many growers to be able to auction their products nationally. This way, we are steadily progressing toward National Auctioning together

What is One Auction?

One auction consists of three components

One digital auction

At the moment, we still hold auctions separately at Royal FloraHolland’s three export locations: Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. We are moving towards a location-independent, digital auction. This will bring supply and demand from our three export locations together in one digital (worldwide) marketplace.

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Faster delivery through bundled logistics and transport

We are gradually transforming our current distribution process into demand-driven order picking. We are also going to organize the logistics handling of direct trade and clock trade in a combined process.

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Better quality of product information

We are creating an overview of all current auction events. In reaching a decision to buy on a digital marketplace, it is important that the buyer gets what they’ve bought. That is why reliable product photos and product information are even more important. We’re working on that, together with buyers and suppliers.

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More about One Auction

The latest news about One Auction

In the coming period there are many new developments on the program of One Auction. We will be happy to keep you informed about them.

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For growers: schedule an inspection request or telephone advice

As a grower, you want to be a reliable supplier. After all, reliability ensures the lasting trust of your buyers. To help you do this, you can request the assistance of an inspector free of charge for a batch check and specific tips.

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RFH photo: the new way of taking product photos

The new photo app RFH photo makes product photos easier and gives buyers a better idea of their purchase. Read all about RFH photo and see the experiences of tulip grower René Appelman and buyer Hendrik Breetvelt.

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