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Strategic themes

From physical marketing to a digital platform

We are a cooperative of growers. As a cooperative, we strive towards optimal pricing at minimal costs. We create opportunities for sustainable growth and success in the global market for our members, growers and buyers. That’s what we aim for, now and in the future.
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The market is changing and we’re changing with it

To make the industry future-proof, together with growers and buyers, we have to offer a response to radical trends both within and outside the industry, such as the increasing direct trade between growers and buyers, which is putting pressure on the cooperative’s revenue model, or the increased diversity among growers and buyers, which our service should align with more. Perhaps the most prominent development is digitisation. Digital transformation of our marketplace is crucial in order for the industry to remain successful in the future. Digitising our marketplace affects all players in the floriculture industry and demands a lot from all of us. We realise that this will have consequences for your company. That is why we are implementing changes step by step and will help you as needed. We are also involving growers, buyers and other parties in the process of structuring and implementing our plans.

From physical marketing to a digital B2B trading platform

We’re transforming our physical marketplace into a digital B2B trading platform: Floriday. A platform that will make trade in flowers and plants even more efficient, appealing, sustainable and safe, with new commercial opportunities for all parties. While our core business will remain the same – achieving the optimal price against minimal costs for floriculture products – we will enable our growers and their buyers to become more competitive, in both the Dutch and the international market. With Floriday, we are able to service an ever-expanding international network with the broadest, most sustainable product range and new/renewed services for ordering, payment and delivery. In summary: Floriday enhances the power of our cooperative and entrepreneurship in the sector. In this way, we will not only become smarter, more sustainable and more efficient; we are also building a future-proof sector together.

Step by step

The total product range on one digital B2B platform

All of our supply organised and available in one digital place. Where you can quickly and efficiently structure your work and trade for all trade flows. That is what we are making possible with Floriday, the digital B2B platform for floriculture.

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Nationwide Auctioning with new logistics

With Nationwide Auctioning, we will be concentrating supply and demand at a nationwide, digital auction. That will optimise pricing. Furthermore, we will introduce a new manner of logistics fulfillment and transport.

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New services for ordering, payment and delivery

Ordering, payment, delivery; we make it all possible through Floriday. We are developing new services that seamlessly align with your operating processes, which you can benefit from as you choose.

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Expansion in an international context

International trade, too, must also run smoothly and hassle-free through our platform. Towards that end, we are also developing ordering, payment and delivery services for international growers and buyers. One of those is the option to pay in dollars, for example.


Sustainable future

At the same time, we remain fully committed to sustainable development. Sustainable production and products are becoming the norm. We see sustainability as an opportunity and responsibility for the chain to make the floriculture industry even better.

Together, we are better and smarter: development and implementation

TThere are still many questions surrounding the practical development of the strategy. During the implementation of the various changes, we will certainly take into account any concerns, and the willingness to adapt to the changes. We want to collaborate with all those involved in such a way that we can make maximum use of the cooperative’s potential, so that we can satisfy the vast range of interests of all those involved.Close collaboration with the Members’ Council is crucial in that process, but putting together supervisory teams and conducting research are also examples of how we involve parties in developing the strategy. We also want to maintain a regular conversation with our members. For example, we regularly organise ‘discussions’ with the Management Board, the Members’ Council and FPCs. During these consultation hours, you can share questions, concerns and opportunities that you see.In the ‘Agenda’on the website, you will find an overview of all the sessions.

Information sessions: we will keep you informed

We are doing everything we can in several different ways to keep you informed of the developments and progress in terms of strategy implementation. Through our communication channels, your account manager and, for example, (online) meetings.

We regularly organise Royal FloraHolland company update sessions: during these sessions, the management of Royal FloraHolland takes the members through, among other things, the financial and operational situation of our company, and the latest developments in the strategy implementation.

No company update sessions are scheduled at the moment.

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