Members' Council and Committees

The Members' Council is not responsible for the company's daily operations. The SB monitors the Management Board and everything related to the management of the company.

Members' Council instead of the GMM

On 1 January 2019, the Members' Council was formed to replace Royal FloraHolland's General Members' Meeting (GMM). In doing so, the Members' Council has taken over the formal tasks of the GMM. Here you will find the minutes of the General Members' Meetings up to and including 6 December 2018.

Committees of the Members' Council

The Members' Council has four committees, each with its own area of focus:

  • strategy
  • finance
  • members engagement
  • cooperative

The committees examine the subjects within their area of focus. They prepare recommendations and Members' Council decisions. They actively collect people's opinions and requirements or ask experts for advice wherever possible. Final recommendations to the Management Board or decisions are always made by the entire Members' Council.

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Composition of committees

Cooperative Committee

This committee is concerned with appointments, functioning, training, possible establishment issues (such as amending the regulations), allowances and remuneration.

From the Members' Council:

  • Dick Houtenbos
  • Karolien Tesselaar
  • Lydia Klaver
  • Martien Kroon
  • Matthijs Barendse
  • Mirjam van der Meer
  • Niels de Groot

Strategy Committee

This committee is concerned with strategic subjects in dialogue with the company and consequently prepares an important part of the advisory role of the Members' Council.

From the Members' Council:

  • Andre Zuidgeest
  • Arno van der Maarel
  • Arnoud van der Knaap
  • Ed Stofbergen
  • Marco Mol
  • Richard (Kiki) Fernandes
  • Sander van der Vaart
  • Thijs Herman
  • Toon van Kessel

Finance Committee

This committee is concerned with the financial aspects of the cooperative in dialogue with the company.

From the Members' Council:

  • Ben Olsthoorn
  • Gerrit Vermöhlen
  • Herman de Jong
  • Martien Middelburg
  • Peter Varekamp
  • Sander van der Vaart

Members Engagement and Consultation Committee

This committee is concerned with increasing members engagement and plays a big role in the organisation of the member sessions and Cooperative Day.

From the Members' Council:

  • Frank Ammerlaan
  • Job van Egmond
  • Mirjam van der Meer
  • Rieneke van der Houwen
  • Steef Meewisse