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Trade fairs and events

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Each year, Royal FloraHolland holds various trade fairs and events for our different target groups, both nationally as well as internationally. In addition, we participate in external initiatives and sponsor fantastic projects.

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Our trade fairs and events

We hold various trade fairs, events and award ceremonies that you can participate in or attend. Interested in participating?

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External trade fairs and events

The floriculture industry has lots of great national and international projects that Royal FloraHolland also takes part in. These include international trade fairs, as well as sponsored events, in which we participate.

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Events for members

Royal FloraHolland also organises meetings exclusively for our members. For more information about these sessions, please contact our Customer Contact Center.

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Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2024

For years, the Trade Fair Aalsmeer has been experienced as a networking and inspiration event in the field of floriculture that you must attend. The event offers great opportunities to make new contacts, catch up and do business.

More information about the Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Events calendar 2024

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4 & 5 September 2024Autumn Fair
5-7 November 2024Trade Fair Aalsmeer
5 November 2024Glazen Tulp Award
5 November 2024Greenovation Award
5-7 November 2024IFTF International Floriculture Trade Fair
12 December 2024Cooperative Day
28-31 January 2025IPM Essen