RFH Photo for growers

Take high-quality photos effortlessly and be assisted by the automatic control.

Your sales success depends on reliable, realistic product photos. After all, your buyers trust you to deliver what you promise. The RFH photo app allows you to do just that with the greatest of ease. From now on, you can take high quality photos effortlessly, assisted by the automatic check that ensures that they comply with requirements. Reliable, quality photos are easier than ever before with the photo app.

If you want to take several photos of one product, RFH photo allows you to do that as well. You can also link your photos with Floriday just as easily; RFH photo does it automatically. Reliable, quality photos is easier than ever before with the RFH photo app.

Start directly with RFH photo

  • Go to floriday.io and log in.
  • Go to Settings --> Apps and links --> Search for RFH photo --> Click on Add Application. You have now created a shortcut to RFH photo on your computer. This shortcut will appear every time you open the app store in Floriday. Once you have linked the app, you can also go straight to photo.floriday.io and log in with your Floriday account.
  • You can also create a shortcut on your smartphone. In this way, RFH photo will work almost like an app you would install yourself from Google Play or the Apple Store.
    • Android: Open photo.floriday.io in your (Chrome) browser - go to the browser settings under the 3 dashes and click on ‘Add (page) to your home screen’.
    • iOS: Open photo.floriday.io in Safari - tap the share icon in the navigation bar (square with upward pointing arrow) - scroll down to show the additional options and tap the option ‘Add to home screen’.
    • Don’t have a Floriday account yet? Create an account at www.floriday.io/en/sign-up

Tulip grower René Appelman: “I recommend the RFH photo app to everyone”

The RFH photo app is a tool for growers as well as buyers. Growers can use the app to take their own high quality photos for the products that they will auction. And buyers can use those same photos when purchasing in order to get a really good image of the lots that will be auctioned.

Martien Röling, Product Owner at Royal FloraHolland, is working on the development of the RFH photo app and provides a brief explanation in the video on how the app works. “We notice that buyers need to have a real photo of the product every day, therefore not a catalogue photo. The photo app is a useful way to very quickly and easily provide an up-to-date photo every day.”

It is important for tulip grower René Appelman that there is a good photo so that buyers can see exactly how his tulips ‘feel’. “That is why I provide a new photo every day. It saves a lot of time when buyers no longer have to go to the auction and can purchase remotely.” He finds the app easy to use. “I hang the auction forms on the cart, get the app, take a photo, scan the auction form and then the app automatically links the photo. So simple. I recommend that everyone use this app.”

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