Delivery form EAB

To auction your products, send a completed Electronic Delivery Form (EAB) to Royal FloraHolland. Also attach a completed Paper Delivery Form to each auction trolley or CC container.

Electronic Delivery Form (EAB)

To create and send an EAB, you will need an EAB software package. There are various software packages suitable for companies of various sizes. When purchasing a software package, we recommend taking out a service contract as well. The EAB specifications are subject to change, and the software suppliers will make sure you have the right version of the EAB. EABs must be received by Royal FloraHolland by 10:00 pm before the day of the auction. The EABs must be received by Royal FloraHolland before the products are physically offered at auction.

If the EAB is not received or is received too late, or is missing mandatory characteristics (including a valid photo ID), your lot will not be auctioned. If your EAB - for whatever reason - is not known at Royal FloraHolland but you do have a QR code on the delivery form, your lot will still be auctioned under the condition that the QR code has all the mandatory characteristics.

Certificate in the clock front

As of 19 December 2019, the procedure for showing certificates has been changed and simplified. We will now be able to show validated certificate information on the clock and the certification of the grower will be up to date and reliable.

Paper Delivery Form

When supplying your auction trolleys and/or CC containers to Royal FloraHolland, they must have paper delivery forms.

Use an EAB software package to print it yourself. These packages meet the latest requirements, allowing you to easily fill everything in. Most packages also automatically retrieve the unique form numbers with the accompanying barcode.

In addition to the specifications, which were coordinated with the software suppliers, take the following into account:

  • Only print delivery forms using a laser printer and blank A4 paper. The delivery form will be exposed to changing conditions (moisture, temperature). With other printers, you run the risk of the ink running and the barcode and QR code no longer being readable. Matrix printers are never suitable for printing QR codes. Forms written by hand also do not have a QR code.
  • Use paper that is at least 80 grams (80g/m3).

Use your delivery forms for the correct location

Aalsmeer uses a different delivery form than the other locations. The delivery form for the other locations cannot be used in Aalsmeer. The same applies vice versa; the Aalsmeer delivery form will not be accepted at the other locations either. For Aalsmeer, 1 copy of the delivery form per trolley is sufficient (up to 4 lots).