Royal FloraHolland | QR code: here to help you

QR code: here to help you

Your product may arrive at Royal FloraHolland, but your EAB may not yet have been processed in the auction systems. In that event, the EAB will not be present and the lot will no longer be auctioned. In those incidental situations, a QR code can provide a solution.

QR code: here to help you

A QR code is a supplement to the existing barcode and provides all the required information on a lot for it to be auctioned. The fifth and sixth grading characteristic, and the photo ID, form a part of the QR code. This information is not included on the paper delivery form. If you did enter your EAB, but it was - for whatever reason - not processed in the Royal FloraHolland systems in time, you can fall back on the QR code. A condition is that your product photo is stored in the image bank and the QR code contains a valid photo ID.

How to obtain a QR code

As of 1 March 2017, software suppliers are required to include QR codes in their software packages. After entering your EAB message (including all mandatory characteristics), the QR code will automatically appear on the paper delivery form.

What if your paper delivery form does not have a QR code?

Check to make sure you are working with your software supplier's most recent EAB version. If the form still does not have a QR code, contact your software supplier.
You will not have a QR code if you are working with a matrix printer or are filling in the forms by hand.

We recommend using an inkjet or laser printer and blank A4 paper, so that you always have a back-up in the event of a malfunction. If your EAB is not known at the time your product arrives at the auction and you do not have a QR code, your product will not be auctioned.