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Delivery form clock-trade

Before auctioning your products, you digitally send a fully completed Supply Letter (EAB) to Royal FloraHolland. In addition, you attach a completed Paper Delivery Letter to each trolley or CC container you send to the auction.

Electronic Delivery Letter for clock delivery

You can create and send an Electronic Delivery Letter (EAB) via Floriday. In Floriday, you as a grower can create a clock delivery and indicate directly whether you want to offer it for clock presale. Floriday is free for members and suppliers of Royal FloraHolland.

You can also use an external software package that is suitable for creating and sending EABs for clock pre-sales. There are various software packages to suit the size of a nursery. In many cases, these software packages are linked to Floriday so that the EABs are sent via Floriday. Check that this link with Floriday is in place before you buy a new software package. Software packages have the ability to link with various Floriday modules. If a module is not supported by the package, then the module can be used directly in Floriday. You then work partly in the software package and partly in Floriday.

Ask the software supplier which modules the software package offers.
EABs must be received by Royal FloraHolland by 10pm on the auction day. In addition, EABs must be in at Royal FloraHolland before the products are physically offered at the auction. If the EAB is received late or not received or mandatory characteristics are missing (including a valid photo), the lot will not be auctioned. Is the EAB not known to Royal FloraHolland, but do you have a QR code on the delivery form? Then we will still auction the lot. The condition is that the QR code has all the required characteristics.

Paper delivery form

When supplying trolleys and/or CC containers to Royal FloraHolland, they must be provided with a paper delivery form. You can print this when you have created an Electronic Delivery Letter, either via Floriday or via a software package.

Keep the following in mind:
  • Do not print the supply letter until you have entered all the lot details. Then all the information is encrypted in the QR code.
  • Only use a laser printer and blank A4 paper. The delivery note is exposed to varying conditions (moisture, temperature). This creates a risk of ink bleeding with other printers and the barcode and QR code can no longer be scanned. Matrix printers are unsuitable for QR code printing. Letters written by hand also do not have a QR code.
  • Use at least 80gsm paper (80g/m3)
  • Use the right supply letters at the right RFH location

Certificate in the clock front

It is important that certification is given along with supply on the clock front. This allows us to display validated certificate information on the clock front.