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Certificate in the clock front

Royal FloraHolland wants to be transparent towards the market about how the products we sell are produced. Certificates that confirm sustainable production are how we achieve this.

Certificate in the clock front

As of 19 December 2019, the procedure for showing certificates has been changed and simplified. We will now be able to show validated certificate information on the clock and the certification of the grower will be up to date and reliable. Please find all the information that's important to you below.

Automatic filling majority of certificates in EAB as of 19 December 2019

The procedure for awarding a certificate in the EAB has been changed and simplified. Until now, we validated and filled in only the certificates MPS A/B/C and GlobalG.A.P. The other certificates were filled in by the growers themselves.

Starting 19 December, the EAB at the clock supply will be automatically filled with the certificates upon arrival of the lot. We fill in this information based on the information we receive through Floricode from the relevant certifying organisation. This will enable us to show validated certificate information on the clock and the certification of the grower will be up to date and reliable.

This table shows you which certificates we validate automatically and under which characteristics.

Automatically filled in by Royal FloraHolland

Characteristic value Characteristic code Certificate
K08 001MPS-GAP
K16 001GlobalG.A.P. Flowers & Ornamentals
S97 004MPS-A
S97 008MPS-B
S97 009MPS-C
S97 030MPS-A+
K15 001MPS-SQ
K22 001KFC Gold
K22 002KFC Silver
K27 001Florverde
K29 001EHPEA Gold
K29 002EHPEA Silver
K28 001ETI
K31 001Rainforest Alliance
K17 001MPS-Quality
K17 002MPS-Qualitree

Automatic filling and validation does not apply to a small number of certificates

For a number of certificates, growers themselves fill in this code in the EAB because Floricode doesn't yet receive the certificate information from all the organisations.

This table shows you for which certificates this is the case. For the grower, too, the characteristics you can use for this when filling in.

Give yourself through EAB (by grower)

Characteristic valueCharacteristic codeCertificate
K13 001NewWave
K13 002First Class
K13 003Premium Quality
K18004Omschakeling naar biologisch
K19003GlobalG.A.P. Fruit and Vegetables
K20001MPS-Florimark Production
K24 001MPS-ProductProof
K33001 t/m 003Label Fair Flora (3 t/m 5 sterren)

Certificates FairTrade cannot be shown on the clock or in the supply due to demands from the certified organisations.

K07 and other filled characteristics

Now that we fill in the certificate details in the EAB automatically, the use of the characteristic value K07 is no longer necessary. We will no longer be using this code on the clock and are therefore deleting the values filled in. The same applies to other characteristics filled in by Royal FloraHolland. If the grower fills these in the EAB, we validate it and change it if necessary. If you don't fill in anything, then we will do it for you.

What is the order of the certificates when there is insufficient space in the clock front?

In consultation with various customers and growers in our sector, we have identified which certificates are the most important to the market. This has determined the order in which the certificates are shown. You will see the certificate with the highest priority first. If there is insufficient room on the clock to show all the certificates, then the certificate with the lowest priority will not be shown.

Easy selection in supply on the basis of certificates

All valid certificates are always shown in the supply rows with each lot. When going through the supply, you can select based on this and mark the desired lots.

Pot size15 cm
Minimum Plant height50 cm
Certificates MPS-GAPMPS-GAP
Certificates MPS Socially QualifiedMPS-SQ
Certificates MPS QualityMPS-Quality
MPS certificationMPS-A+

You can also filter on the certificate of your choice in KOA, and it is easy to select lots with the certificates you desire.

In the coming months, we will be working on showing certificates in the optimum order through a number of different releases.

FSI status also visible in clock front

From October 16, 2021, the FSI logo will also be visible on the clock front. If the grower is FSI-compliant, we automatically validate the FSI logo in the clock front. We add this on explicit demand from the market. More and more clock buyers are purchasing on the basis of certification criteria from the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). The addition of the FSI logo makes it immediately visible whether a grower - depending on the country of production - has the required certificates to meet the minimum FSI criteria. In 2021 we will show this logo based on the FSI2020 requirements. From January 1, 2022, this will change and the FSI2025 requirements will apply to be visible as FSI-compliant with the FSI logo on the clock front.

Why is Royal FloraHolland asking for digital environmental registration and certification when supplying to the marketplace?

As a cooperative, our common goal is to keep our wonderful industry future-proof. This includes being transparent to the market about the production process of our flowers and plants, so that we can show everyone how our products are grown.

At the same time, we are being closely watched by environmental movements and market players such as retailers, and expect tightening of environmental laws and regulations. We want to stay ahead of this by demonstrating as an industry that our products are up to scratch. One of the ways we can do this is by encouraging and helping our growers get certified.

We therefore ask all suppliers and/or growers (cooperative members and non-members) to possess a digital environmental registration and a market-compliant environmental certificate. This is also included in the sustainability regulations associated with the Auction Regulations.