You can't always be at the auction, but you still want to know how your products are doing at the clock. With Clockview you see and hear what is actually happening at the clocks on your laptop or PC.

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Your benefits

  • Follow in real time how your products are being auctioned.
  • Compare how your products are doing compared with the rest of the auction group.
  • Directly available via your own laptop or PC.

What does it cost?

You will find the rates for this services under 'Other supply rates', on the page: Rates for members and suppliers.

How does it work?

Clockview is a low-threshold web service. You experience the atmosphere at the clock from a distance. Clockview shows almost the same information as the physical clocks at our export locations. You can also hear the auctioneer.

For each clock you see:

  • The current auction group,
  • The number of trolleys in the auction group,
  • The auction times.