How does the Floratino pool work? | Royal FloraHolland

How does the pool work?

Floratino is a multi-use packaging system that is now part of the Royal FloraHolland container pool.


  • Suppliers with an administration number with Royal FloraHolland can collect Floratinos (or arrange to have them collected) from a Royal FloraHolland packaging depot. These depots are found at the Royal FloraHolland sites of Aalsmeer, Eelde, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg.
  • Floratino can also be collected at Plantion and the Rhein-Maas Auction.
  • There are five tray types in the range. Each type has its own container code, which also appears on every tray:
    • Fc746: Floratino 6 holes
    • Fc748: Floratino 8 holes
    • Fc750: Floratino 10 holes
    • Fc754: Floratino 14 holes
    • Fc762: Floratino 22 holes
  • Floratinos can hold up to 320 individual plants on a CC container.
  • A tray deposit and rental cost is charged to the grower upon issue.
  • Floratinos may be used for deliveries to Royal FloraHolland, Plantion and the Rhein-Maas Auction. Floratinos are not designed for internal transport systems, cultivating product or sales outside Royal FloraHolland.
  • For a commercial transaction, the supplier enters the packaging code of the relevant Floratino on the delivery form (EDF), and the financial settlement of the tray occurs automatically. The supplier receives the deposit back.


  • The buyer (exporter) receives the plants in the Floratino. The deposit and the rent is is automatically charged to this buyer as a result of the grower filling in the container code on the supply document.
  • In many cases, the exporter sends the products as they are in the tray to its (foreign) customers.
  • The exporter can choose how to deal with the tray cost (deposit+rental). In many cases, the customer/end customer is charged the tray cost separately from the product.
  • The end customer returns the empty trays to the exporter and, depending on the method that the exporter and end customer uses, the deposit money is settled between these two parties.
  • Empty trays can be returned to the packaging depot of one of the Royal FloraHolland locations: Aalsmeer, Eelde, Naaldwijk or Rijnsburg. This is also an option at the Rhein-Maas Auction and at Plantion.
  • Upon return, the customer receives the deposit back.
  • All drop-off locations require full CC containers (320 pieces) to contain Floratinos of just one packaging code. For specific procedures relating to smaller numbers, please click here.
  • Floratinos must come with the recognisable barcode label.
  • Exporters may not deliver Floratinos to growers or exchange them unless Royal FloraHolland gives then written authority.

All dirty Floratinos returned are washed, checked for quality and placed back in the pool for a new cycle.