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Flowers@sea solutions

Low costs and quality of your product is preserved

Flowers@sea solutions

Do you want the lowest possible transport costs, while maintaining the quality of your cut flowers? Would you like to be certain that your products arrive beautiful and sturdy at your customers? That is precisely what Flowers@sea solutions ensure. The optimal container climate during transport by ship from Colombia and Kenya keeps your products in top condition.

Your benefits

  • You are assured of excellent transport facilities at sea and over land, which maintain the condition of your products
  • You save 30 - 40% of the cost of air transport and reduce CO2 emissions by 90%

What does it cost?

The cost depends on your individual situation and wishes. Call us or make an appointment and have a cost calculation done without obligations.

How does it work?

Flowers@sea solutions can make your life easier. We take over all of the activities involved in transporting your cut flowers from Kenya to customers all over the world. For example:

  • Sea transport
  • Preparing export documents
  • Customs clearance (inward and outward)
  • Narcotics and phyto-inspections
  • Transport in the country of origin and destination

During all these steps the quality of your products takes priority:

  • Our specialists are well informed about your product and utilise the correct cold storage plans in consultation with you.
  • Each shipment contains at least one temperature logger, so you know exactly what the temperature of your cut flowers has been.
  • Upon arrival, we inspect your cut flowers again, and you receive a quality report from us.

After logging into My Royal FloraHolland, you can send in a request. One of our staff members will contact you within two workdays to make an appointment for a presentation or to prepare a cost calculation without obligations.