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Floriculture Direct

Floriculture Direct is the logistic delivery centre for the direct flows at Trade Parc Westland in Naaldwijk. We speed your direct trade products from the dock to your customers. You can find us among your customers at TPW Venus and Jupiter.

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Your benefits

  • You minimize crossing traffic flows in your box and can make your processing more efficient.
  • Your products remain in good condition during transport and transshipment.
  • You can schedule handling and transport effectively thanks to the use of tracking & tracing.
  • You can also have your products delivered outside of opening hours.

What does it cost?

Please feel free to contact us without any obligation for more information about the rates.

How does it work?

Sierteelt Direct is the logistic supply centre for the direct streams of Trade Parc Westland in Naaldwijk. We take care of the direct delivery of all your supply.

At Sierteelt Direct (powered by Royal FloraHolland), you can supply your non-cooled products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To this end, you will receive a personal access code. If you don't have an access code yet, please contact us.

We deliver all your direct trade from the dock to the customer between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm. During opening hours, we ensure that your products are delivered to your customers within one hour.

We also process your BLO trade and trade without delivery form. Mechanics are present at the Sierteelt Direct docks at all times.

Additional services Sierteelt Direct:

Tracking & Tracing

Your delivery form is scanned at arrival and delivery. In this way, you can always see where your products are located: through the free Tracking & Tracing service or in your own software system.

Register for the free Tracking & Tracing through My Royal FloraHolland.


You can deliver one trolley with products for different customers. We will split your orders based on the delivery form and deliver the products to the right customer.

We strive to deliver the products within one hour but because of the extra processing we guarantee delivery within two hours. Please note:

  • On the trolley you must clearly indicate with an A4 sign 'Attention, this trolley has a split order'.
  • On the trolley it must be clearly marked which products are part of which order. CC Containers and shelves will be delivered with your products.

Return logistics

Pick up your return products with us. We will hold them for a maximum of 72 hours. You can decide when to pick them up.

Delivery of clock products for the auction process

Your trade, intended for the auction process the next working day, can be delivered to us.

Just in time - deliveries (customer)

We deliver your products to your customer at the time agreed.


On request, you can make use of our docks for loading.


On request, you can make use of our space for transshipment or buffer your products.

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