Fc588: the efficient flower bucket

With the introduction of the efficient flower bucket Fc588 with accompanying support shelving (Fc598), we are responding to the increasing use of CC containers in export, working on further sustainability and reducing chain costs.


With its smarter dimensions compared to the current Fc577, the Fc588 offers:

  • Higher load factor.
    • +50% on CC container (6 instead of 4 buckets per layer).
    • +11% on trolleys and cage carts (10 instead of 9 buckets per layer).
  • Lower chain costs.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Improved design (including relief for sticker removal, optimization of internal space).


Load factor per trolley Auction trolley CC-containers
Fc588 10 buckets per layer 6 buckets per layer
Fc577 9 buckets per layer 4 buckets per layer
Improved load factor 11% 50%
Dimensions Dimensions external (LxWxH) Dimensions internal (LxWxH)
Fc588 400x270x380 mm 323x194x372 mm
Fc998 (Fc588+Fc598 upright) 400x270x550 mm 375x248x550 mm
Fc998 (Fc588+Fc598 upside down) 400x270x610 mm 300x172x595 mm

Compare with Fc577

The Fc588 flower bucket is the successor to the Fc577 with a much better fit on a CC container. The basic size of the Fc588 is the same as the Fc544 and most products have the same load per container in the Fc588 as in the Fc577. This is because of the optimization of the internal space and the lowering of the extension rack when using it upright. With an equal load per container, the load factor increases by 50% on a CC layer and 11% on a stacking trolley shelf.

Below you will see photos of the Fc577. Below pictures of Fc588.

Release flower bucket Fc588 for all product groups

After its successful phased introduction, the Fc588 will be available for all product groups from Monday 5 July 2021. The Fc588 benefits growers, buyers and their end customers.


Collection and distribution

The Fc588 flower bucket and support shelving Fc598 are of course part of the Royal FloraHolland packaging pool and available at our packaging locations in Aalsmeer, Eelde, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. The Fc588 flower bucket an support shelving Fc598 are also available at Rhein-Maas and Plantion.

Return numbers

Location Stack Auction trolley
Fc588 Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Eelde, VRM, Plantion 20 200
Fc588 Rijnsburg 15 150
Fc598 All locations 20 200

Pictures Fc588