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Marketplace network

For remote buying, internet and communications between your box and your place of purchase, a good and secure network connection is essential. Our Marketplace Network offers you the capacity and possibilities that you need.

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Uw Your benefits

  • Faster, more stable and reliable than the public internet.
  • Less risk of viruses and other electronic threats.
  • Support tailored to your purchase and auction process.

What does it cost?

You will find the rates for this service under 'Telephone and Market Network', on the page Customer rates.

How does it work?

You choose among the two possibilities:

  • Remote Buying (MPN-KOA) - With MPN-KOA you buy directly from all flower and plant clocks at our export locations. All purchases, the complete supply of flowers and plants and the auction times for each clock are visible.
  • Your own network inside the Marketplace Network (MPN-Vlan) - With MPN-Vlan you have a network link between your own locations. For example, between your box and one or more buyer's workstations or between two or more boxes. Network links between boxes and buyer's workstations at different auction locations are also possible.

The Marketplace Network is a high-availability glass-fibre network. Because it is a closed system, there is less risk of viruses and other electronic threats. To make use of the network, you need a box or office space at Royal FloraHolland. For internet via the Marketplace Network we work together with the providers Delta Fiber and Eurofiber. The prices of the internet connection and subscription can be requested from these providers.