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Do you want to deliver your customers a guaranteed quality of flowers and plants? Do you want to be able to influence your customers' satisfaction and avoid complaints? Then have your flowers and plants tested or review the results of vase life testing via Vase Life Tested, the online database with information about the vase life and quality of cut flowers.

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Your benefits

  • You have a good image of ​​the performance of your products at consumer level.
  • You can distinguish yourself with an independent guarantee on vase life performance.
  • You improve customer satisfaction.

What does it cost?

There are no costs associated with a subscription to Vase life Tested.
Would you like to have vase life testing conducted on your behalf? Ask for an estimate without obligations from the Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre, via our Customer Services.

How does it work?

Many suppliers guarantee the quality of their horticultural products. Often they have had their products tested by the Post-Harvest Knowledge Centre of Royal FloraHolland. With the results of this testing, suppliers work on improving the quality of their flowers and plants.

When testing flowers, we check the vase life and other quality characteristics, such as bud opening and the presence of Botrytis or slimy stems. Suppliers who have had the vase life of their cut flowers tested allow you to follow the quality and vase life testing online via Vase life Tested. This free information can help you with your purchasing policy and the information you supply to your customers. You can recognise participating growers by the 'hbgetest' inspection code on the clock front or online marketplaces.

With pot plants we are interested in flowering tests, and we regularly organise quality competitions between different varieties. You are welcome to attend these quality competitions.

You can also decide to have vase life/lifespan testing done on your behalf for cut flowers or pot plants. These tests are conducted in a controlled environment, to allow comparison of the tests, for example of the same products from different growers. The research is objective: we are ISO-certified and work on the basis of VBN research standards.